10 Seconds A Day To Detox Your Skin From Within:

destroying skin

You can’t see them, feel them, or even smell them.

But right this second, a cloud of toxic particles is surrounding you… and they’re destroying your skin.

Exhaust gas... cleaning sprays... industrial fumes… and thousands of everyday sources.

Toxic particles that get sucked into your lungs…

They float through your bloodstream, clog up your liver, sabotage your hormones

And thanks to a shocking new study1, we now know that these toxins wreak havoc on your skin.

Air Pollution is Aging Our Skin Faster Today Than at Any Time in History.2

If your skin is looking “older” than it should, there’s a term you need to know:

‘Keratinocyte Apoptosis’.3

It’s an alarmingly widespread condition.

If you’ve never heard those words before, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

And if you’ve yet to take steps to address it – it’s not your fault.

Keratinocyte Apoptosis was only recently discovered,

Very few dermatologists know how to diagnose it, let alone remedy it.

But as usual, Del Mar Laboratories is five years ahead of our peers.

We’ve created a revolutionary new 10-second solution to flush these nasty toxins from your skin, your liver, and everywhere else they accumulate.

A solution that’s non-invasive…

Easier than getting out of bed in the morning…

And it can help you recover from these disgusting toxins in record time.

In a matter of weeks, you’ll see clearer, more beautiful skin.

Skin That Reduces Your Visual Age By As Much as 10 Years Without a Drop of Makeup.

Friends and family are going to wonder what “fountain of youth” potion you’re drinking.

Because not only is this solution going to “deep cleanse” your skin from within

But it’s such a thorough detox that you’ll feel and see its effects across your whole body.

Your weight will drop.

Your energy will shoot through the roof.

Your mind will be as clear as a mountain lake.

Yes, it’s just that remarkable… because that’s what happens when you…

Deep Clean These Toxins From Your Skin, Your Organs and Your Brain

In a second I’ll reveal exactly what Keratinocyte Apoptosis is…

Why levels of air pollution have sent cases rocketing across the US (even in rural states with supposedly clean air)…

Why ‘anti-pollution’ barrier creams are useless at protecting you from keratinocyte apoptosis...

And how toxins in our environment are now also linked to unwanted belly fat... unexplained mood changes... and even brittle hair and nails.

But first – in case we don’t know each other - my name is Sandra Wright.

I’m Chief Research Assistant to Dr. Paul Chasan, at Del Mar Laboratories.

At our exclusive clinic in Del Mar beach, California, we serve high net clients and celebrities who expect the absolute best in skincare.

So when a South Korean study about Keratinocyte Apoptosis hit my desk, I sat bolt upright.

With all the cars we have on the road here in California, I realized that…

More and More People Are Now Wearing Air Pollution on their Faces…

effects air pollution

It shows up as patches of wrinkles… age spots… dry, irritated skin... and angry red acne...

Along with brittle hair and nails.

That’s what keratinocyte apoptosis looks like.

It’s a condition where your skin is destroyed from within.

In simple language, it means ‘the death of keratins’.

Keratins are proteins that are like the building blocks for your skin cells, as well as your hair and nails.4

Keratins help your skin to hold onto moisture... to be protected from UV rays... and to maintain its structure.5

So you see, keratins play a vital role in keeping your skin moist, flexible and youthful looking.

Here’s the problem:

Toxins Destroy Keratins… And It Gets Worse With Age

Our bodies produce fewer keratins with every passing year.

That’s one of the reasons that our CeraLift and CollaPure formulas get such great results…

…they nourish the skin to produce more keratins!

But those efforts are sabotaged by skin toxins like air pollution

These toxins can skyrocket the levels of ‘free radicals’ in your skin.6

As you may know, free radicals are molecules that are highly chemically reactive.

And if they get inside your body, they prowl around assaulting other molecules…

Like a Roaming Gang of Street Hoodlums.

If left unchecked, rampaging free radicals can leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

And when it comes to your skin, free radicals can wreck the health of your skin cells and accelerate keratinocyte apoptosis.7

Now, I know this might all be news to you.

But the damage air pollution is doing to our skin, our visual appearance and even our health has been a massive concern in Asian countries for years.

The smog in Asian cities, like Beijing, can get so thick you can barely see across the street...


And the Chinese government is regularly forced to lockdown schools, factories and freeways until the air is breathable again.8

But it’s no longer just people living in super polluted Asian cities like Beijing that have to worry about toxic air.

Because the World Health Organization recently went on record to warn that…

9 out of 10 People Are Now Exposed to Dangerously High Levels of Air Pollution.9

Since 2010, studies have shown that people living in urban areas have more wrinkles and sunspots than those living in the countryside due to air pollution.10

But a decade later, the problem has gotten far, far worse.

The levels of air pollution have got so bad that EVERYBODY is now ingesting tiny particles of air pollution with every breath they take.

According to American Lung Association, over 2 in 5 Americans are exposed to potentially lethal levels of air pollution.11

Even the clouds in the North Pole are now infested with toxins.12

While a recent study of 400 people in Germany, by the Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, exposed how even…

Tiny Amounts of Airborne Toxins Increase Age Spots by a Quarter.13

This shocking discovery led Prof Jean Krutmann, who spearheaded the research, to warn that:

"UV [damage from the sun] was really the topic in skin protection for the last 20-30 years. Now I think air pollution has the potential to keep us busy for the next few decades."14

So you see, the damage air pollution is doing to your skin’s appearance is not something you can ignore.

But here’s the thing…

It’s not just chemicals in the air you need to worry about.

We’re also exposed to toxins in our food… our water... and from hundreds of products we interact with daily.

In fact, according to the Environmental Working Group…

9 in 10 Babies Are Now Born with Toxic Chemicals in their Bodies.15

That’s the most horrifying stat I’ve ever heard.

And a terrible indictment of the chemically polluted world we’ve created.

So this now brings us to the bottom line question: What can you do about it?

Can wearing a thick barrier cream help?

You’d certainly think so looking at the number of anti-aging creams now being promoted with ‘anti-pollution’ as one of the key benefits.

But the fact is that these creams are near USELESS at protecting you against airborne toxins.

Because while these creams may be packed with an impressive sounding list of free radical scavenging ‘antioxidants’...

To be effective, an anti-pollution cream would have to penetrate your skin deep enough to neutralize the free radicals in your pores.16

But instead, they just sit on the surface…

Little better than a coat of paint on a crumbling wall.

What’s worse…

Anti-pollution creams can’t do ANYTHING about the toxins that have already seeped through the skin and soaked into your bloodstream.

And due to the vast amount of toxins we now ingest daily from our air, food and water…

Many of us are already suffering the effects of toxin overload.

Maybe you’re experiencing some of the warning signs right now?

Let me ask you...

Are You Currently Experiencing Any of These Conditions?

Surprise surprise - these are all symptoms linked to the daily drip of toxins leaking into your bloodstream…

Toxins that are now IMPOSSIBLE to avoid. For example…

  1. Every time you touch a paper receipt from the grocery store…
  2. Or drink from a bottle of water…
  3. Every time you use non-stick pans to cook your family a meal…
  4. Or sleep on your mattress at night...
  5. When you eat non-organic meat, fruit or vegetables…
  6. When you enjoy a cold, refreshing Coca Cola…
  7. Or even when you spray your home with air freshener…

Every time you do any of these things... you’re exposed to chemicals that can age your skin… destabilize your emotions… and even cause unwanted weight gain.

lab rats

For example, the two nearby rats were fed the exact same diet and put on the exact same activity schedule.

The only difference?

The rat on the right was exposed to a toxin called DES.

DES is commonly painted on the hulls of ships, where it can seep into our water supply.

Now, I know you’re not a rat.

But you’re also exposed to fattening chemicals like DES every single day.

Many of the beauty products we slather on our skin daily are PACKED with fattening chemicals like phthalates and bisphenols.17

In fact, the science linking these chemicals to weight gain is now so well established there’s even a name for them: OBESOGENS.18

Yet thankfully...

Your Body Already Has a Way of Dealing with Skin Aging and Fattening Toxins.

And in a minute, I’m going to share my one minute bathroom ritual with you for rebooting your own toxin-cleaning factory.

You’ll be pleased to know that this ritual doesn’t involve a raw juice cleanse, or a “water diet,” or anything crazy like that.

Instead it supports your body’s primary organ for handling pollutants: your liver.

Because you see, your liver is like a big filter for these awful, skin-aging, fat-spreading toxins.

When your liver is running well, it can pick off toxins before they make it to your bloodstream.

toxic cleaning factory

It chops them up, and sends them packing in your urine or feces.

There’s just one little problem:

If Your Liver is Clogged Up, Toxins Will Build Up

...and if you’re over the age of 40, there’s a pretty good chance that your liver isn’t running like it used to.

After forty or more years of living in our chemical laced environment, is it any wonder that your liver would be congested?

Let’s face facts...

Your poor liver was not designed for such an onslaught - and it definitely wasn’t designed to deal with all the toxins we ingest for more than forty years!


And listen - the blame here is not on you.

Before you read this page, you likely had no clue how toxins in our air, food, water and hundreds of everyday items are impacting your skin’s appearance, your weight and your all round health.

The truth is that we live in a polluted world, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Yet there is something you CAN do to better protect yourself and reverse some of the damage.

Our team spent the last two years working on this problem, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce our solution.

It’s a formula called…

DetoxiDerm: Whole-Body Detoxification For Better Skin, Lower Weight, And More Energy


DetoxiDerm is a precisely-designed formula for supporting and protecting your skin’s youthful appearance from air pollution...

Along with supporting your whole body’s detoxification process.

It’s like a powerful scrub for scavenging free radicals from your skin cells and body…

And cleansing a clogged up liver of fattening health wrecking chemicals…

And that’s just the start.

Adding DetoxiDerm to your anti-aging routine couldn’t be easier - just two capsules a day, with a cool glass of water.

It’s a whole-body clean that you’ll start to see in the mirror and feel internally in seven days or less…

The first thing you’ll notice is a sunnier mood, and a sense of optimism that “springs up” inside of you.

You feel more pep and energy, as if your shoes were loaded with little springs that gave you a boost with every step.

Then after about 21 days, as the skin aging free radicals are cleansed from your pores, your skin cells and entire body...

Your complexion will start to change… your skin will be looking younger and “brighter”... and you’ll be delighted to see it tightening up, too.

Just imagine looking in your mirror in a few weeks from now and being overjoyed at how much younger you look.

In fact, I guarantee you’ll feel this way.

Let’s do a deal...

When your order of DetoxiDerm arrives, I’d like you to take a selfie photo.

Then take selfies on days 7, 14 and 21.

Then if you’re not amazed at...

How Much Fresher, Clearer, Firmer and More Youthful Looking Your Skin Has Become…

Every cent will be refunded.

I’ll explain more about this in a second.

Because this clean, fresh, youthful looking skin will be a confidence boost that no concealer could ever deliver.

Trust me – woman to woman – you’re about to be flooded with compliments from friends and work colleagues about your vibrantly healthy appearance.

And your partner is going to see that clean, youthful looking skin and wonder… “did I just rob the cradle?”

Or if you’re single – try not to laugh when your date is shocked at how much younger you look than your profile photos!

These are all wonderful changes that can start with just two tiny capsules of DetoxiDerm each morning.

Yet, a vibrant youthful looking complexion is not all you have to look forward to.

Because you’re going to notice real changes in your weight too.

It Won’t Just Be Pounds On The Scale… You’ll Watch In Awe As Your Younger Figure Begins Its Big “Re-Reveal”

...because the pounds you’re going to lose aren’t just “fat that’s accumulated over the years.”

No, they’re the pounds that your hormones have been programmed to add to your tummy, your butt, your thighs, your arms… and if you’re a man… to your breasts.

You see, because obesogens mimic the effects of too much estrogen, they literally change your body composition.


But with your hormones back in balance, your body stops getting the “pear-shaped” program…

...so everything becomes tighter, firmer, and less droopy.

In about three months, your sagging tummy starts to tighten

Your flabby arms start to snap back

That jiggling butt starts to lift

...it’s truly remarkable to watch the transformation.

It’s a transformation that’s only made possible with DetoxiDerm, because…

You Can’t Detox “Halfway”... And Only DetoxiDerm Goes All The Way

It took over a year of research and in-clinic trials to get this formula right.

You see, detoxification happens in two stages.

First, we have to give your liver the deep scrub needs to dislodge decades of toxins.

Then, we have to get those toxins out of your body!

It’s a complex process, with many different chemical pathways…

...and if you only do a partial detox, you’re no better off than if you hadn’t done it at all.

That’s why each of DetoxiDerm’s ten ingredients were precisely chosen, and it starts with...

Phase 1 Detox: A “Deep Clean” For Your Liver


We start with a magic ingredient called Di-Indole Methane, or DIM for short.

Our DIM is extracted from organic broccoli, and you can think of it as a strong scouring pad…

It reaches into every nook and cranny of your liver, and scours away the decades of built-up toxic sludge.

And to amplify its power, we’ve added Silymarin, Selenium, and Burdock Powder.19,20,21

Think of these three as DIM’s “soap and water,” to give it the extra power it needs to dislodge the toughest stuck-on toxins.

(Bonus: Selenium and Burdock Powder improve your liver’s ability to metabolize fat stores!)22,23

This triad of ingredients was precisely chosen to destroy airborne particles, heavy metals, and other “tough toxins” that would resist a simple juice cleanse.

And once they’ve been removed, it’s time for...

Phase 2 Detox: Waste Removal

Once we’ve got the toxins out of your liver, we’ve got to get them out of your body.

We definitely can’t have them floating free in your bloodstream… making their way to other organs and causing untold damage.

That’s why DetoxiDerm also includes Bentonite Clay.

This acts as a “binding agent” that latches onto toxins that are released from your liver, and shuttle them out to your urine and feces.24

We’ve also added Black Pepper Extract to enhance the bioavailability of DetoxiDerm’s ingredients…

Slippery Elm Bark to help stimulate bile production to remove toxins…

recycle healthy antioxidants

And Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, which is packed with 7 key antioxidants that help restore liver cells to peak health.25,26

That’s why...

DetoxiDerm Is The Liver Cleanse That You’ll Feel And See

Can you imagine...

There’s no diet, fast, or juice cleanse that can deliver these results.

Only DetoxiDerm - with its ten precisely chosen ingredients - supports the full detox that you need.

Only DetoxiDerm targets airborne toxins - those nasty, keratinocyte apoptosis triggering toxins - that make your skin dry, irritated, saggy, wrinkly and old looking before its time.

Only DetoxiDerm helps flush out obesogens - fattening chemicals we ingest from beauty products and hundreds of everyday items without a clue.

And because the benefits of DetoxiDerm also include supporting energy, a clean mind, healthy sleep, and a reignited libido, my suggestion is that:

Anyone Over 45 Should Commit To A Six-Month DetoxiDerm Regimen

Sure, you’ll experience some big changes in the first month.

But if you’re over 45, then you’re likely suffering from decades of toxic buildup in your liver.

Most Del Mar customers are taking their skin’s complexion and all round health seriously… right now.

But that’s because they’re not looking or feeling so great after decades of treating their bodies wrong.

Years and decades of eating unhealthy foods, drinking too much, maybe even smoking…

…I’m not here to judge - I’m here to help.

Only you know your current level of health.

If it’s anything less than optimal, then please - give yourself the gift of six months of DetoxiDerm.

And I’m going to make it easy for you, because…

You Have A Full Year To Detox with DetoxiDerm… 100% Risk Free!

We offer 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month DetoxiDerm packages…

...and no matter which one you choose, your order is fully protected by our unconditional, 1-year guarantee.


If you don’t notice your wrinkles fading, your skin tightening and feeling overjoyed with how youthful you look in the mirror…

If you’re not losing visible amounts of weight and feeling better than you have in years…

If your energy levels aren’t soaring and if your mood isn’t as bright as the Californian sunshine…

...then please - call or write in for a 100% refund.

Yes, even if you’ve gone through the entire six-month DetoxiDerm regimen, and all you’ve got left are empty bottles!

DetoxiDerm Launch Special: Save 50% Or More!!!

DetoxiDerm costs $99.95/month at our clinic, and our patients are happy to pay for it.

But we know that as awareness spreads about keratinocyte apoptosis…

And the terrible damage toxins are doing to our skin, our appearance, and all round health…

People across America are going to be desperate to protect themselves and reverse some of the damage.

For this reason...

We wanted to make DetoxiDerm as affordable as possible.

So we placed a large purchase order, negotiated a very big discount, and we’re going to pass those savings right along to you…

....and today, you can start your DetoxiDerm detoxification for only $49.95 a bottle.

And if you choose the 3-month or 6-month detox package, you’ll pay even less.

I sincerely hope that we can keep these low prices for a long time to come…

...but if we can’t keep placing large orders with our manufacturer, then we will have to raise the price again.

So I cannot guarantee that this pricing will last… in fact, it’s very likely that it will go back up after this sale is over.

That’s yet one more reason to stock up on our six-month detox option

And remember - with our one-year, no-hassle guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to risk.

So please, choose your package now and get your detox started:

DetoxiDerm is the only whole body reset that scrubs your body clean of those nasty, skin aging, fat-triggering, energy-sucking toxins.

DetoxiDerm is the only whole body reset that helps reverse keratinocyte apoptosis and decades of toxic buildup.

And today, you can get it for 50% off - or more!

How Will You Look and Feel With Decades of Toxins… GONE From Your Body?


Imagine how much better your skin is going to look - how much clearer and more radiant…

Imagine how much lighter, fresher, and cleaner you’re going to feel

Imagine watching that heavy “pear-shaped bottom” tighten up into a firm, toned apple in just a few short months…

...and it all starts when you send those decades of toxins packing.

DetoxiDerm is the only formula designed to give your skin - your liver - and your body - the complete detox it needs.

This could be your only chance to stock up at this low price, and you’re protected by our one-year guarantee, so please… get your detox going today!



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